Exclusive news: Dexaran, development leader of Ethereum Classic, speaks out to the latest harsh criticism

Exclusive news: Dexaran, development leader of Ethereum Classic, speaks out to the latest harsh criticism

3 September, 2019 Off By Raul Pelaez

A talented developer and hacker known as Dexaran funded and formed Ethereum Commonwealth, the third development team of Ethereum Classic (ETC). Dexaran has been accused of being the DAO attacker (Ethereum’s first ICO that was hacked, which forced the fork between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic).

Dexaran published an interview (see) in which he was asked …

  • Some suspect that you are the DAO attacker. Would you mind addressing these accusations?
  • Dexaran said: I can only say that I never hacked TheDAO …

Well, today, as exclusive news from CoinMarketRank, we are going to comment on the latest news that you have published on your twitter and reddit (see):

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Dexaran in recent days has received many complaints and criticisms from the ETC community. The criticisms are: What is the team doing? We do not like your attitude towards the project.

Dexaran comments on the current state of the evolutionary development of Ethereum Classic:

The team is working on the last of the main features that have been announced since the launch of the project: the government system (see). Voting / Submitting proposals with a contract will be difficult. We are planning to offer an easy-to-use user interface to vote and submit proposals. The main objective of the government system is to allow the community to participate in the decision-making process. If the community does not like the decisions made by the Callisto team, that is exactly what I will solve with the next hardfork.

What about the MM bot?

MM bot is developed but does not have sufficient funds to maintain liquidity at this time. We have CLO in treasury. We have all our income in CLO. Therefore, the bot needs a certain degree of volatility to obtain BTC or USD to maintain liquidity. The price of CLO falls in recent months. That is why there was no chance that the bot would start working in normal mode.

There is an order limit of 50K CLO in Bitfinex. This means that a user can only place an order if the total amount of the order does not exceed 50K CLO (which is equal to an amount of $ 50 at the current price). It is these inconveniences and limits that do not allow real users to exchange CLO in Bitfinex. Bitfinex’s latest response stated that the limit will be raised if the trading volume of CLO increases …

Galileo blockchain explorer.

This project is put on hold and we will no longer work on it. The developers will be fired or relocated to work on other more important projects. We currently have a blockchain explorer and this is not the most important ecosystem problem at the moment.

The audit department …

From the beginning, it was planned to conduct free audits in exchange for publicity and public recognition through the audited projects. Currently there are the following problems in this area:

Most developers do not want to correct the errors found and delay development. They do not want to proceed with the new audit. Most of the audited projects did not want to admit their mistakes and problems, which is why they never announce the results and behave as if there was no audit.

The area of ​​smart contract development is stagnant at this time. There are not many projects that are willing to proceed with the security audit. On the other hand, Callisto Team needs to maintain a team of security auditors in order to perform an audit when requested. If the audit queue is empty, auditors will not be able to receive payments. Auditors will not remain in a team if the audit queue will be empty for a long time. We need to keep the work going if we want to keep the team of auditors.

About WASM research …

We decided to move on to the investigation of EOS side chains because it is not only a solution of a better VM, but also a scalability solution. EOS smart contracts are better than Solidity contracts in all aspects, except in immutability. EOS is running WASM and we plan to proceed with the investigation of the implementation of the side chain for Callisto based on the EOS code.

About storage system research …

There are no blockchain implementations with smart contracts and storage at this time. SWARM (developed by the Ethereum Foundation) did not abandon the stage of “purification” due to the problem of microtransactions. This problem cannot be resolved. EOS did not implement Storage as well.

(MrAddon’s Note: It seems that BitcoinSV has solved the Storage problem very well. I recommend reading: Uploading “ad eternum” files on blockchain with Bitcoin SV is very easy! (And cheap))

We currently do not have the ability to develop and implement our own solution to build a decentralized data storage system that allows smart contracts to interact with it.

The development of the decentralized storage solution without interoperability with the smart contract layer is a waste of development resources because IPFS (Interplanetary FileSystem) already exists.

On the topic of BetCrypto and its relationship with the Ethereum Classic team

The BetCrypto Club association is worsening the reputation of the project. You should not announce partnerships with yourself. BetCrypto Club is NOT a project of the Callisto team (ETC team). There is only one member of the team that works on both projects. BetCrypto club will depend on smart contract tokens for its operation. We will help you ensure the security of these smart contracts. I am currently not a member of the BetCrypto club team and I am not working on this project. My role is limited to giving the BetCrypto team the following technical advice:

  1. Do not trust Ethereum contracts. It is better to build your project on EOS if possible.

  2. Do not trust the on-chain random number generator: it is an essential part of the project and is also the most vulnerable part.

Callisto proposal system reminder

If a member of the community has any suggestions or wishes, then he (she) can use the proposal system. Here you will find the description of how to use it. Here you can submit your own proposal and obtain financing if it will be accepted. You can also express your opinion on any of the accepted / rejected proposals for your opinion to be told. I encourage Callisto Community not to contact us in a private matter with a message like “I know how to do X better than you are doing now”, but to present a proposal in a transparent way so that everyone can discuss and review it.

End of Dexaran’s message.

And now … What do you think? Is the Ethereum Classic community happy with these answers? Leave your comment below and so we can discuss it. Greetings to all and happy return «to the kurro».

Post produced by MrAddon for CoinMarketrank and translated for Ankonan news


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