• Banking & Insurance

    In the financial industriy some of the major issues are reduce risk, comply with industry regulations, data privacy, cambat the financial crimes and grow new revenue opportunities. These issues are relates mainly to the data security and the data privacy.

    Blockchian offer Transparency, Immutability, Auditability and Safety, all the component that you need in any project related to data privacy or security.

  • Healthcare & Pharma

    Healthcare systems are the one designed to help citizens form the world getting the appropriate attention to care and improve our sanity and health.

    In this sector, we also as customers want to keep privacy on the behalf of the health data property. The importance and these data make us aware the needed to understand and to improve the information system and make the citizens able to control who access to their medical data.

    The blockchain solutions could be useful in scenarios as Consent, Clinical Trails, Regulation and compliance, EMRs, Insurance Claims...

  • Retail

    The supply chain tracking or the crypto coins payments are two examples of the benefits that the blockchain technology could bring to the retail sector. But there are more examples in which Ankonan could be helpful for you, service desks services, fidelity programs, workflow management and team management.

    The retail services is one on the sectors that could optain more benefits form the blockchain technology and the Atlassian services that we offer.

  • Utilities

    There are a range of new business models in the energy sector that blockchain enables, the most obvious of which is peer-to-peer energy trading, cutting out the middle man. Christoph Burger, senior academic at ESMT Berlin Business School suggests four key options where blockchain can reduce process costs or help organise networks:
    Automated billing based on flexible retail prices
    Proof of origin of generation source
    Enabling smaller generators to be part of demand response
    P2P trading

  • Public sector

    The application of the Blockchain technology in the Public Administration solves one of the great concerns of the Digital Society: The data security of millions of people and the inviolability in the databases of the citizens.
    The inviolability of Blockchain transactions and registrations opens the door to a revolution in the relations between citizens and the Administration. Some examples could be the implementation of intelligent contracts that will be indispensable for important matters such as property registers or titles, telematic electoral processes, payments, legal certificates, sanitary ...